Feb 16, 2009

Srilankan Tamil refugees

நாகார்ஜுனன் எனக்கு அனுப்பியுள்ள மெயில்:

பதின்மூன்றாம் தேதி அனுப்பப்பட்டது .

அதன் ஒரு பகுதி கீழே :

Some 250,000 civilians have been trapped by the fighting in the north east of the island. Hundreds have already been killed, either by Tiger fighters firing on them as they tried to escape or by government troops shelling the rebel enclave, now only some 70 square miles. Many of those fleeing the crossfire have been killed by mines. The International Committee of the Red Cross has done its best, but was forced yesterday to evacuate 160 patients from a makeshift hospital where artillery shelling killed 16 people earlier in the week.

The United Nations is planning for an exodus of 150,000 people. But the troops appear intent on holding them, ostensibly for their safety but in fact to root out any supporters or relatives of the Tiger fighters.

The army has good grounds for suspicion. Velupillai Prabakharan, the fanatical leader of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelaam (LTTE), has apparently escaped, probably by sea, but he has left behind more than 700 zealots, ready to fight to the death, and suicide bombers. Some have already blown themselves up, killing dozens of troops and civilians. For years the Tigers have forced each Tamil family to enlist one of its members in the rebel army. Until the last minute, Tamils have been assembling mortars, grenades and roadside bombs in workshops in Tiger-controlled towns. Prabakharan's reign of terror has used civilians as human shields or forced them to build defences. Few have been able to stay out of the conflict.

Jeremy Page - South Asian correspondant

Times UK longer version on yesterday's detention story - the reporter Jeremy Page is based in Delhi. What's the Indian media in Colombo. Shame!


  1. Dear Rajanayagam, Did he ask you to post it on the web? :-(

  2. No sir,
    Nagarjunan never asked me to post it. But I Voluntarily posted a portion of the e-mail in my blog.


  3. /No sir,
    Nagarjunan never asked me to post it. But I Voluntarily posted a portion of the e-mail in my blog./


    you answered for my question.
    ||Nagarjunan never asked me to post it.||

    Thank you. I appreciate

  4. RP Sir

    You seem to have something against the LTTE. Even in the other posts you tend to indicate that.

    Please remember Nelson Mandela's quote ' there comes a time in a nation's life, submit or fight back'

    In one of your other blog post you have quoted Mr Karunanidhi the present CM of TN 'I changed my stance of support for LTTE once I heard a interview of Pirabhakaran that he will be a dictator once Eelam is got' Karunanidhi is funny in a way. His politics has been of Rowdyism and vandalism. Can you tell me if there is democracy in Tamilnadu now? You get beaten if you have alternate political thoughts, if students rise against the government, they close all the colleges, call the bandth illegal etc., and yet Karunanidhi says he is aganist Thiru Pirabhakaran as he will impose dictatorship. Atleast he doesn’t disguise his thoughts like the old wily fox Karunanidhi.

    I feel intellectuals like you are aiming at an ideal solution for the issue. That is, lankan Tamils should not fight back, Tamilnadu or india will not help them but the lankan Tamils should get their freedom politically. Fucking ridiculous man.

    The srilankan Tamils of Indian origin are fighting back against all odds. It would be helpful if the intellectual vulgarism from people like you are stopped and support the Lankan Tamils of indian origin and do a postmortem about LTTE later.

    PS: For your information, I am not a supporter of LTTE, but a strong Tamilian at heart

  5. Mr. Kannan,

    Can you define properly in simple terms, what you meant by "a strong Tamilian" "by heart"

    - mannan

  6. RP Sir - kindly permit the following reply please, Thanks a lot.


    For me you looks like a "Fucking ridiculous"

    We all supported LTTE for very long time but not anymore. Many doesn't want to say at your
    "fucking" face - got it.

    " the Lankan Tamils of indian origin..." doesn't mean you have to support LTTE.

    If intellectuals like RP Rajanayahem and Nagarjunan can't aim for a solution politically - you going to "fucking" blow yourself and do what? One will be one among the hundreds...

    Attack/bomb/killing were OK to get (world)attention - once get that you should know how to get the result using those support to avoid losing more of our people/leaders to avoid "fucking" mess up with the future generation(s).

    Instead "we" thought that the support from various front looks like solid and permanent - why don't "I" make use of myself.

    You "fucking" intellectual can understand this?

    Because all other intellectuals you mentioned are may be more "Tamilian at heart" and doesn't want to loose Tamils life anymore. Not even one.


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