Jun 12, 2008


An Entry dt 13th August, 2005 in R.P.Rajanayahem’s Yahoo Blog

Eureka! Eureka!! Except R.P.Rajanayahem,all other Tamil men and women are writing poems. Either poems or stories!
Out here almost everybody says' "I am writing a novel" or " I have an idea to write a novel."

A comment from Raayarkaapiklub Balasubramanian natarajan alias Nahupolian
Not to worry, Mr rprajanayahem sir!Your 'Eureka! Eureka!' itself - is far more creativepoetry than all these other Tamil men and women!Really! You have demonstrated how a greatpoem can be composed with just two words!

Dear Nahupolian,
I feel extremely happy to note your greetings with open arms.Itis ironical that jokes contain more truths than the Bible! You knowvery well a true poem contains a truth in it and so you havetransformed my joke as a poem generously !!
thanks and regards,

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