Oct 5, 2018

உப்பு விற்கப் போகவில்லை

உப்பு விற்கப்போகவில்லை.
7ந்தேதி அசோகமித்திரன் பற்றி பேசப்போகிறேன்.
மிக கனத்த மழை அன்று என ரெட் அலர்ட் கொடுக்கப்பட்டிருக்கிறது.What is likely to occur.

"For me, everything becomes allegory."
- Charles Baudelaire

இதையும் மீறி அன்று இந்த நிகழ்வு நடந்தேறட்டும்.
Rain, rain go away, Come again some other day.

Worrying about the bad weather is the last refuge of monotonous,conventional persons.
When we are together, why should we care about the weather.


Rev. Emmanuel Dossan greets R.P.Rajanayahem

"I'd read a few of your posts in your blog even before they appeared on the fb. They are witty, sarcastic and unique in its literary style. Besides your astounding memory exhibited in the details of your writing, they are mostly biographical and autobiographical. Any biographical note always influences the other. Whenever I read your writings I cannot but recall my own past. I think all the readers have the same feel. COngrats sir"

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