Jan 16, 2016

Amoura's SMS love and romance

Amoura's Brief Encounter!

I feel very sad as I lost the chance to sit closely locking our hands.

If I come close to you, it will hurt you in many ways. You think that I am tantalizing you. That is why I try to be away. Dear… I hurt you always.
I never abondon you dear
We will definitely hug
I wish that be in your chest for sometime
Please don’t break me that time.. I’m so soft

I swear I’m not a fraud
Believe me I have genuine love
I don’t know how to tell this.
Believe me, you never believe me I think
Superb moments you presented me
While singing wonderful

Don’t know when..
I know I’ll hug
This is the most rarest decision for me
Yesterday when you received my two messages,
You asked me many times what I want to tell you
I wish to tell you one thing
We dare not harm any one in both family
Then there should be a calm affair between us
Instead of carnal desire

I can be quiet..
Don’t feel anything if my eyes follow you
You are totally disturbed by me
Mentally and physically you are disturbed my Dear
That pains me a lot
I’m unable to fulfil your wish my dear..
That is why I tell you
I never my dear I can’t do like that
Whatever you say, I don’t do
Hug and Kiss..That I agree
But how? When and Where?
Even without your consent
I will do that
No..I will run towards you
And keep myself very close to your chest
I will keep my face with closed eyes
Fuck?? That’s why I dare not take steps to hug

Becoming bold is better than
Becoming pretty and nervous
You will just become emotional
And try to quench this desire
But when problem comes
We cannot face it
But you are more fearful than me
More nervous and emotional
I gained courage
As I thought and observed myself
During each step
Of the development of our relation
You just felt my presence
And became emotional
You are far away from reality
I understand your capacity of mind
When facing the problem
You are the best man but not bold

I’m not fine
No dear…but I don’t say
You will be more emotional
I’m not sick… mind kills me
Enakku pakkanumda kanna..
Ayyo venda
How, when and where..?
Venda.. dear It will create more problems
Which we can never solve
I’m afraid da kanna
I don’t know how to maintain the secrets
Of this matter
I’m unable to be like that


Good Morning Dear!
You can send SMS
But don’t dial my number
Someone in my family may attend the call
In my absence
But they don’t check my mobile messages

Feel very sleepy
The dream of last night was dangerous
I didn’t sleep well
I cut my vein after our tryst
It was the nightmare
In the dream
You didn’t hear me and fucked

This is not love..Just lust
I always fear that…Vendaa..
I will not tell anything
I can tell you only what is in my mind
But you blame me always
I keep quiet
You focus on one thing
That is not love..only hunger
I’m a prey


Will you have enough patience
To make me sleep in your chest?
Will you request your heart to beat
Without sound as your beloved
Is sleeping in your chest
Kannaa ..Sing a song
Till I reach the threshold of sleep

That dream…
I found us in a bed room
You invited me towards your chest
I felt shyness and
I stood where I had been in the same room
You walked towards me
Touched my shoulder
I immediately fell upon your chest
You kissed my lips and cheeks
When your hands moved through me
I tried to hold your hand
But I was weaker and you become stronger
You lifted me and then I begin to protest
You said ‘nothing darling nothing, be cool’
I kept on weeping
You kept me in bed

My eyes and brain are tired
But they sympathize with my paining heart
As it is craving and searching
Her sweet man everywhere
Like the winds of the sea shore
My heart is tired but
She sympathizes with my eyes and brain
As they share her
Sleepless and restless length of time
In pursuit of her First man
You are my First Man

I saw you dear….
Like the wave of a holy river you moved

Dear.. you didn’t slip anything. You are always with me.
And whenever I can’t see you .. become restless..
What it means?
It is new to me  I don’t know how to deal me in this matter.
That’s the reason for fear.

Wish to hear you.. Can I call? When?

Lend atleast 5 minutes..

“Mayakkunna mayil peeli
Meaning of this movie song follows
Your eyes which are like the peacock feathers ( they are mesmerising too)
Are the container of arrows owned by Kamadeva
Mizhiyinakal – pair of eyes
Aavanazhikal – the container to keep arrows of a warrior ( Kamadeva)

Dear ! I can’t stand in front of you
I may hug you unknowingly
Your today’s shirt is excellent
This is my favourite colour
Can’t control my wish to hug
Don’t come near dear… Hug..
Hug so forcefully and deeply

Love you so deeply
I’m so romantic and lovable
When I’m in bed attending your phone
I’m becoming even erotic
That time I wish
So seriously to hug my dear
Want to be crushed by you my dear

Evide Ente Sneha Gayakan?
Where is my Singer of Love?

Though you don’t love me
I don’t stop loving
It is related to my heart
It will not depend on you
I found I love and didn’t come across this kind of love
But it happens in me
So I experience
I’m unable to explain you ‘what and how’
It’s it’s something rare

I think that I keep the pearl of
This love and the proper casket

Do you feel my love a disturbance
Sometimes I think that I disturb you
I should not have revealed my love
That’s why You suffer
Otherwise I would be someone for you


See.. how school children react
When they see us together
This is due to the body language
Children are clever
You are like a child
I don’t feel anything
Except a fear when I’m near you
Anyone can read the MahaKavya of Love
From your eyes when I’m in front of you

They look at both of us dear..
You are lovelorn
They look at us and I’m fearful

Dear..I love you
I can’t control my self even when I introduce my hubby to you
'This is my fifth sms to you
When you are talking with my husband'

Your Amoura is shocked when you send an SMS
By mistake you have sent it to me meant for my worst enemy
Addressing her in your erotic style

The chariot of Yudhistra which was in sky
While he was in war front
Came down and touched the earth
As he proved to be dishonoured
(You may say ‘Nothing is unfair in love and war!’
 "Love means never having to say you are sorry.")

It’s the Irony that to day is The Valantine’s day!
‘A nice day for Love
A memorable day for Departure’

That’s God’s grace to acknowledge me
By mistake about your secret crush
With the worst one I have ever seen
I Thank God

That mistaken message tells something about you
Which can’t be tolerated by a lover
That’s all
I don’t interfere in your wish
As I have the best option to quit
Thank you for all and everything

We may never love like this again
This little FLIRTATION is over..
A silly and undignified flirting with a complete stranger?
A chance meeting between two happily married strangers!
A brief encounter! No more happiness..  prepare for tears..

Ok.. we will stop talking about this
Let me be just a person who knows you
That’s enough
For this relief, much thanks


"If everything is imperfect in this world, Love is perfect in it's imperfection."

- IngmarBergmen  in 'Seventh Seal' movie 


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